This site is dedicated to the memory of Alfie "Lil Man" Carlin..My Beautiful Baby Boy xxx

This is to remember My son Alfie, who was down syndrome I knew before he was born but regardless of the advice to abort just because of downs I loved and still love My tiny little man.
Alfie who was born 16 weeks early fought for life every step of the way in neonatal for 8 weeks before I had to make the most devastating decision of turning his machines off and having to let go of My lil man Alfie who I love beyond words.
Steroids meant to help him off the oxygen and onto cpap stopped his brain growth in the last week before I had to let him go.

"Mummy brought him Into the world and mummy was the one to take him out of it"

I wasn't letting anyone take my boy out of the world only me. so I decided my precious boy should be in mummys arms warm loved and more precious than anything in the world. I had to ask nurse to remove his oxy tube rather than him suffer without medicines & pain relief and not rescusitated. Doctors gave option for us to think for 2 days but no way was I letting my boy suffer or die alone without mummy, so the moment I was told i made the decision to let him go that same day, Alfies dad came to be with us after he finished work. It was the hardest thing I have ever endured. Having to watch My baby boy struggle to breathe and I couldn't do a thing about it, the visions are permanently etched in my mind life is so unfair especially to my poor beautiful boy.

He was and is my miracle baby I waited 19 years for only to lose him after his brave battle to try and stay with his mummy and sisters xxx

Alfie will never be forgotten, This page is for donations to the BLISS charity who were along side us at the neonatal unit, to help others the same as Alfie.

If I reach £5000 Alfie will have a star named after him in remberance, which we would love dearly!

So friends, family whoever you may be please dig deep and SHARE THIS PAGE PLEASE.



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Thinking about you so much my little man, I just want to cry all the time I miss you so much, they say time heals.....but it doesn't I want you with me where you belong, id gladly give my life for just a single minute with you, to hold you once more my beautiful boy, so heartbroken 💔 without you son, you were my world and still are, I wish mummy could visit you or you visit me Alf, this heartache is so hard to live with I don't know how much more I can take, it's you're 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks I'm utterly Devestated son. I just want amd need you with me, MUMMY LOVES YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING MY BEAUTIFUL BOY XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
From Mummy xxxxxxxxx on 15/07/2015
Mummys missing you so much lately Lil man, sometimes my mind wanders and I get a sudden thought, that you're still here and I have to go see you at hospital and just for that split second my heart skips a beat my head races to get to you, then it comes crashing down as I realise your gone breaks my heart every time it happens, mummy loves you so much always will my beautiful perfect Lil boy, you stay with nanny Linda always til mummy arrives she will look after you til then, I'll never let you go ever again xxxxxxxx
February 27th, 2015
I miss you so much Lil man, the pain just isn't leaving....I don't think I want it to I love ya so much still so heartbroken, stay with nanny Linda til mummy comes to get you son, love you eternally..Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx
February 24th, 2015


Hey there my beautiful baby boy, hope you like you're new nest that the lovely Justine made for me to put you in for cuddles, it's fab looking at ya little face again just wish it was really you my boy!! Mummy needs a little help from you this year Alfie, I need you and nanny Linda to make sure your new baby brother/sister is fine and arrives safely to Mummy, Daddy Carl, your sisters,your neice and you're new nephew who will be arriving soon too, My baby boy you will be a brother and an uncle again!!! All at the same time xxxxxxx I LOVE AND MISS YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK FOREVER MY BOY. With all my heart xxxxxxx Still heartbroken 💔 xxxxxxx Love MUMMY XXXXXXX
Lit by Mummy xxxxxxx on March 19th, 2016 little precious,.. miss u so much my heart is actually broke. Cant believe how 4 years have passed yet still it only seems I was happiest mummy in the world not long ago and now im so sad, finding it hard to cope in the world without you brave face i keep for everyone is slowly vanishing, wish I could hold u and kiss your fab mini face, havent stopped thinking of u today 4yrs ago I had u in my hands and lost you all in one night :( devestated alfie boy, mummy loves you always and more... one day ill see u again..well I hope so, love hugs and my all sent to u today son xxxxxxx
Lit by Mummy xxx on October 7th, 2017
Mummy loves and misses you lots my beautiful little boy, wish so much u were here with me mummy's heart is forever broken son, ur the first and last person I think of each day and and throughout the day. Two years are gone but in my heart you live on, I can't fix my heart til the day I see your beautiful tiny face again xxxxxxx Love you to the moon and back forever and always Alfie boy xxxxxxx MUMMY XXXXXXX
Lit by MUMMY.XXXX on December 31st, 2015
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